Who We Are

Studio B Flat is a independent game and app development studio currently working on several titles mainly targeted for the mobile app market. We are a collection of developers and designers based in northern California and Brooklyn. We have some great projects in the works ;)

Pic Benji

Benji Brown / CEO / @theprojectabot

Hailing from Nevada City, Benji Brown loves building businesses and being involved with many art forms and technologies as he can. After building his own guitar/monome mashup, he founded a live streaming video platform in 2010, and produced several great productions with some excellent bands and film festivals. While playing music and VJ'ing are really exciting, Benji has always had a passion for developing mobile games and apps. So in 2012 he began building Studio B Flat, starting with some ideas, the then branched out and found some great talent in the northern California area. Drawing from his experience as and engineer - doing Mac/iOS development with Telestream and designing games since being a child, Benji is super stoked to make some great games and work with some awesome people to build Studio B Flat into a flourishing provider of wonderfully engaging content.